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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Vs. Painting

Painting your old cabinets tends to be one of the more affordable and homeowner-friendly home improvement projects. However, painting cabinets involves a lot of hard work to be done properly. The old finish would have to be removed and sanded down to the bear wood, then you'll have to apply a primer and finally start painting, not to mention all the hardware would have to be remove also. This process is less expensive than replacing or refacing the cabinets. However, you'll still have an old looking Kitchen with old looking doors, but with a new color paint. Also, the doors and frames will eventually accumulate grease that will stick to the painted cabinets causing the dust to stick to it.. The cost for painting your cabinets can range from $50 to $200 if done by the homeowner and $2,500 to $6,000 if a contractor is hired.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing is the more affordable way as compared to expensive new cabinets, usually 50% less. Cabinet refacing will replace the cabinet doors and drawer fronts with new ones and the rest will be refaced to match your new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Choose cathedral, arch, shaker, and many other styles and colors in wood or thermo-foil laminate. By replacing the doors, drawer fronts, hardware, new moldings, additional space, knick-knock shelves and other accessories available, you can design your dream kitchen.

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